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I have been teaching acting to professionals, theatre companies and acting schools since 1998. I offer a dynamic perspective on discipline and technique, an in-depth approach to creativity through the combined experience of training from Europe, Japan, and USA. I invite the student to be imaginative and sensitive, to act as a theatre maker, and to discover one’s own creative expression while creating with others. Collaborative and devised processes, Jacques Lecoq method, viewpoints composition, yoga and dance improvisation are some of the pedagogic tools I apply. My classes aim at developing a heighten state of awareness and readiness through a fluid relationship with everything that is happening in the moment: body, space, others, music, lights, text. I lead workshops internationally and am part of the teaching faculty at Kunst-Stoff Arts, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Scuola Civica di Teatro Paolo Grassi Milano, Actors Space Berlin.

Upcoming acting course:  Scuola Civica di Teatro Paolo Grassi, Milano

“Silvia made us feel safe to experiment and coached us without ridicule. She knew the best each of us could deliver and didn’t settle for less.” Elizabeth

“A few times in your class I had the reaction, “Oh, that’s what they meant!” when you taught us something that I had failed to understand in other classes.”  Joseph

“Silvia’s class was a way of being comfortable with feeling self-conscious and trying to overcome it.  As someone who speaks publicly for work on an almost weekly basis, I find that the occasional performance training keeps me loose for those inevitable corporate pitches and webcasts. Silvia, our talented teacher, used a neutral mask to teach us that we’re acting with our entire body.  It forced us to use every part of our body other than our face to express emotion. it was a great way to try something new, be someone else, and basically get out of my own skin for a while. I highly recommend it.” from Sandy Hawke’s blog