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Dark Season

Dark Season

Directed and adapted from Macbeth by Silvia Girardi
With Carole Acuna, Jessica Chisum, Silvia Girardi, Julie Potter, Leer Relleum
Costume Designer  Monica Viarengo
Music consultant Daniel Gorelick
Assistant director Loren Kwan

Dark Season is a multidisciplinary theater piece inspired by Macbeth. In a choral composition, artists from various backgrounds investigate the themes of ambition, delusion, violence, and prophecy. As one of Shakespeare’s most psychologically complex tragedies, our focused portrayal of Macbeth invites the audience into a ruthlessly honest conversation about the darker potential of human nature and its frailties. However, in our interpretation, transformation wins over destruction.

Our international ensemble generates material through a variety of experimental and improvisational practices that cross genres and disciplines.
Dark Season would like to initiate a dialogue with the audience and community about themes that are urgent and relevant, such as finding balance within a society that rewards ambition, and recognizing opportunities for regeneration and light amidst destruction and darkness.
The Dark Season started in October 2009 as a creative laboratory for multidisciplinary artists to train, improvise, and compose new material that favors a dialogue between genres and styles. Collaborating during weekly workshops in San Francisco, the process will continue throughout 2010.

Collaborators: Julie Potter (dancer), Loren Kwan (poet), Monica Viarengo (costume/set designer), Silvia Girardi (actress, director), Beatrice Basso (actress), Carole Acuna (actress, dancer),  Alison Sacha Ross (actress), Matthew Bajda (photographer), Will Weprin (film maker), Daniele Girardi (painter, video artist), Daniel Gorelick (Music Consultant), Tasha Rodriguez (sound and video editing).

Work-in-progress, Subterranean Arthouse April 2010

Benefit party, Wirtz Gallery May 2010

Excerpts, Kunst-Stoff Arts Fest July 2010

World premiere, SF Fringe Festival September 2010

Women On The Way Festival  January 2011

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