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Acting for professionals

I lead individual coaching or small groups to deepen soft skills and improve team work.
Superior public speaking skills are crucial in order to succeed in business. Theater classes are a growing trend in business schools, as students learn “soft skills” such as the ability to communicate, collaborate, motivate, and problem-solve.

I help professionals become more relaxed, present and persuasive in public through the study of techniques used by actors in theatre. The aim of this training is to strengthen them into insightful leaders sensitive to the needs of those around them, and to offer tools to master strong interpersonal and presentation skills. You will learn how to:

  •  Apply acting skills to transform a tedious talk into a powerful presentation
  • Memorize your speech
  • Conquer the fear of public speaking
  • Deal with performance anxiety
  • Express your ideas with enthusiasm and color
  • Practice dynamics of speech: dramatic, lyric, epic
  • Use powerful body language: posture, natural gestures and eye contact
  • Add variation and interest to your voice: breathing, vocal tone, rhythm, volume
  • Work and think as a team, devising collaboratively, improvising a group strategy with colleagues or people you see for the first time