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Neutral Mask



Neutral Mask was rediscovered in 1950’s by the director and extraordinary teacher, Jacques Lecoq, during his journey in Italy, very much influenced by the Commedia dell’Arte tradition. The Italian sculptor Amleto Sartori created for him a leather neutral mask, which then became a unique piece all over the world.  The mask we are going to use comes from this remarkable collection.

Neutral Mask Workshop
The neutral mask teaches to watch, hear, feel, touch and live with the freshness of beginnings, to bring awareness into any length of thought, action and emotion. The Neutral mask is the experience of a state of neutrality prior to action, a state of receptiveness, a physical sensation of calm and balance of movement. The neutral mask helps minimizing physical habits, acting cliches and returning to a truthful experience of listening and awareness


Workshop Part One

Meeting the Mask

Physical Training and Movement Analysis:
Movement is the relationship between rhythm, space and force.  Balance, disequilibrium, opposition, alternation, compensation, action, reaction, breath and alignment are the basic laws of a human body in motion.

Before the Theatre:
We begin with silence, in a state of innocent curiosity, of modesty, which allows words to be born out of silence, avoiding explanatory discourse.

Neutral Mask Improvisations:
Waking up in Nature

Workshop Part Two

The Fundamental Journey and the Elements of Nature
Neutral Mask Improvisations: the journey
The Machine of Colors